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Summer Inspiration / My New Vision Statement

It is summer time in NYC. I can feel the temperature changing, albeit reluctantly, and the overall energy becoming a bit calmer. This is common at this time of year and it really does create a different energy. The clothing gets looser and the mindsets are open to more than they may have been even 2 months ago. New York is a city that eats, breathes, and sleeps possibility on every level. I am amazed at  how many things begin in the summer here in New York. 
  Just yesterday I rode my bike for at least 8 miles or more. I had errands to do, but most of all, I wanted to give my mind a clearing of sorts. I ventured to places in the city that I would not particularly frequent on a daily basis. I listened to the city on another level in a sense. It is a totally different experience to ride your bike in this city. You have to be 4 times more alert than you normally are and you have to see everything before it happens. What I mean by that is, at any moment, something could jump right in fron…