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Pharrell The Inspiration Cog / "Happy"

I love to feel good music. Because I am in the music business, I am constantly listening and taking notice from the inside as to what actually moves me. I have to sing plenty of songs that do not particularly move me, however, I find a way to deliver them consistently and with my soul. Every now and then a song comes along and flips the whole world on its side, making every one take notice. The song that I am speaking of is obviously "Happy". I am not exactly where I was when I first heard it. I just knew that after I did hear it that I would be singing it at almost every event that I was hired to attend. How did I know this? I am not exactly sure, I just knew it in my gut.

  So the song was suddenly everywhere and I watched verity closely how it affected so many people each and every time that it was performed. I knew that i was singing lead, however, I was certainly not the catalyst in this movement. The song is very basic if you pick it apart. The lyrics make sense an…