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The Validation Of Being Human

It's the clearest thing in life in my opinion. We glisten from the inside when we are noticed in the slightest way for just being who we are. It comes in so many forms that it is almost daunting. In other words, the slightest recognition can actually change our entire day or for some our entire life.

  About a week ago, a good friend gave me a compliment that literally gave me pause. I prefer not to repeat it here because it seems a bit self serving to me. The point here is, the words made me feel elevated beyond description. They told me something that I did not know that they felt. It was deeper than I thought. I felt noticed, respected, and most of all seen.

  On the other hand, there is "not" being validated enough. This is when the person that you truly love, respect, and even adore beyond words cannot be validated enough. I brushed up against this not too long ago and it delivered one of the most powerful lessons of my entire life. The lesson learned was, every o…