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A Brief Snuggle With The Big Easy, New Orleans/Jason And Sunitha

It was a glorious day and a half or so. The city of New Orleans is a powerful force of resilience without a doubt. This place has endured the unthinkable and is still ticking like a finely tuned watch. I stayed at the home of a nice young woman who I only saw for a total of about 35 minutes or so, however she was very hospitable and warm just the same. The neighborhood that I stayed in ever so briefly, was right out of a scene from the HBO series "Treme". I highly recommend taking a look at that show, it's very special.

   I love to walk through cities so that I may stay connected to the way it feels and grasp its realness. So unless you have been in a dark cave with no contact with other human being for the past five years, you know that they have had more than their share of real life in New Orleans. This city was almost completely annihilated by mother natures harsh decisions, yet they pulled up their bootstraps and reworked it all. The architecture is stunning to …