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Cable Issue Wisdom / Quotes Of Steele Is Ready!!!!!

I had a cable problem. This is not a huge problem, or should I say, it "was" not a huge problem. I glean little powerful lessons from the most mundane things and i want to share this one with all of you. So I have had cable for maybe 3 months or so. Prior to this, I just had local channels. This was and always had been my choice to have it this way. Since I've had cable, I have watched maybe 10 hours of television a month. This is almost like not watching it at all compared to my hard core and even casual watchers, I am certain. During these 3 months I have had a reoccurring problem with my service. It came on sometimes, but most times it showed the channel and network, but had no picture or sound. I called, they troubleshot it, but it would always come back again. So today I got the perfect person on the phone and he solved me problem.

   The reason that the above situation gave me pause is two-fold. Firstly, I had the answer to my problem the entire time. Secondly,…