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Crash And Learn

Good day! I am so grateful to have things to write, things to feel, things that keep me in fascination mode. The past few days have presented me with some challenging conversations that have turned into quick pull aways and then immediate ponder sessions. I am so amazed at how the energetic place that we are in can affect others as well as tell us so much about ourselves. We carry around clear and very noticeable signals to anyone that comes into contact with us. It will never be any different for as long as we live.

   Let me introduce you to scenario number one for starters. My very dear friend that I cherish in a very big fashion called me. I had not been able to connect with this person in quite a few days prior to this call. She is always busy to say the very least. The lifestyle that she has chosen keeps her on the go, monitoring many things simultaneously. I was sent a text earlier that day saying that she would be in a meeting for the entire day. This seemed peculiar, yet I…

Reset Apple Project / An Open Ear

So here is the straight truth. I started this project without a lot of preparation. Guess what I forgot? BUYING THE APPLES!!! So I went to buy the first bunch today and I gave them a little artistic spruce up above. This is going to be a fun project, not just because of the health benefits. I love apples anyway, but there is something about doing anything everyday that truly does excite me. Patterns develop and usually that produce massive feedback and sometimes even clarity.
I purchased Mutsu, Red Delicious, Fiji, Honey Crisp, and Pink Lady apples. They will last me for at least 12 days and then I will reload again. What will it do for me? How will I be different? Will anyone notice? Will it spark some new thoughts or actions? We will see.
I had a very strong and enlightening conversation with a dear friend the other day. This happened yesterday actually. She is an intelligent woman with so much going on in her life. Actually she has had many things happen in her life that have brou…