What Does Christmas Mean To You?

   What does Christmas mean to you? Each and every one of us has a sensation that goes through us on the day before, as well as the actual day. Does it bring up happiness or sadness? Can you honestly say that you love Christmas? Why do you love it and what is the main reason behind it? I do love Christmas, but for the same reason why I love Thanksgiving. The reasons are simple, it makes us concentrate on appreciation of others and what they really mean to us. I can see the difference in people during these holidays. I of course am only speaking of the positive side at this moment.

  Being here in NYC, the city lights up and the bags are in every person's hands that you see. My question is, why does it seem to be a burden? Let me explain. If you buy a gift for a loved one, why can't you get a gift that expresses what they mean to you? Why does it seem that people are trying to out do the last gift that they gave or not come across as cheap or so many other things that I see and hear.This town is full of markets and all kinds of extra ways to spend your money during this season especially.  As if we need more places to spend our money in NYC. But again, I love it. I love the energy and the colors and the tourists that revel in it.

   My family gave me some of the most memorable Christmas holidays that I could have ever wanted. The gifts, the food, the comedy, the slowing down. It was all so good. I have not been with my family during Christmas in a few years, however, I plan to be in 2015. I am planning on that right now. It's just nice to be in the presence of not only those who have shaped you, but also a basic coming together to touch base and to slow down. We don't need a holiday for that, however, we do it best when one is provided for us. It just all seems so robotic. When was the last time you sat at the table with more than 3 relatives and just shared without all of the useless bickering and negativity? You can do that all of the time, if you choose to just make it happen.

   Then there is the other side of things. Those who loathe getting together because they know that the same thing is going got happen over and over again. So over time, they shut down and avoid the holidays. Just remember that as happy of a time of the year it is for most, it is also the lowest point for others. So spread love in some way if you can. Let me rephrase that, we all can. In short, just choose to be in a place of calm and openness. If you know someone who is alone for the holidays, call them and bring them with you to that gathering or families house. It will change their day or maybe even their life. Take some things that you just have pushed into a closet and go and place them next to a homeless person as they sleep. You can even go and buy a hot plate of food and sit with one of them for a bit and learn a little more about them.

    Christmas is not about overspending, getting your heart rate up, and bickering with family. Christmas is about love and if you should happen to directly relate Christmas to its religious meanings, that is all very much respected. It still boils down to one thing, love. The love of mankind in general as well as paying it forward. How can you interface with at least one other person and let them know that they are not alone? Buying gifts is great. Receiving gifts is also amazing. The question is, if you had no money at all to give a gift tomorrow, how would you show your love and/or appreciation to those that you hold dear? Your answer is where the magic truly lies. Be safe and walk with your love and care backpack secretly attached to your body. Only you can see it, however, everyone that even comes close to you can feel it. That is real. However, you celebrate this holiday season, I send you the warmest of blessings.




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