The Final Curtain Falls on 2014

  On November 11, 2010, I began this blog. I scrolled back to it and read it a few minutes ago and found this:

Realizing (that)
Endurance (and)
Activity (and)
Diligence (creates)

Are you ready now?

   I clearly remember wanting with all of my heart and soul to start this blog and to keep it going for the rest of my life. So now its just about 2015 in a few short hours. So for 4 years and about two months, many thoughts, questions, insights, and even frustrations have left my brain through my fingers. I make it a point to write honestly, even when it does not compliment me. When I started this blog, there was an average  of less than 50 page views a month. This month passed there were close to 2700. In total over 70,300 views have been recorded. This includes over 10 countries in the world. 

    So why exactly do I mention all of this? It's certainly not to blow my own horn. Its just because I am amazed by the power of compound effort and focus. I believe that we all want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. I also believe that we love to get closer to what ever is vibrating at our speed. If so many people are coming here time and time again, then they must feel something from the words that I write. It must mean that someone is getting something from this blog.

    The truth is that I have large goals and aspirations that continue to push and excite me each and everyday. I use my words to repeat them over and over again in my journals, on pieces of paper that I randomly write on, and of course on this blog. There are some things that I planned to do in 2014 that did not happen. There are also many things that I did not plan that did happen. I choose to pat myself on the back for staying in the game nonetheless. That's how you know that you are growing. You decide to be thankful and in awe of all that you have accomplished much more than you get upset for the things that somehow have eluded you. 

    For 2015 I have new goals. Actually, some are new and some are close to the same. However, one thing is for absolute certain, I feel more powerful now than I have ever felt. I am blessed to be paid to deliver my gifts to others and I am also fortunate to have a trough full of ideas that keep my mind gyrating like flashing lights at a carnival. This in itself is so spectacular to me. 

    There are many things that will get accomplished in the year to come that will challenge my mind for sure. I am setting it up that way on purpose. Meeting new business connections of greater influence. Traveling to places that I have never been. Releasing those things that weigh me down more than feed me. Creating some solid new habits that will cause me to grow taller and more resilient. Ignoring the intermittent inner voices of fear or doubt that somehow invite themselves in without notice. These are more focal points than they are resolutions. 

    I sometimes wonder if the new year started in the middle of the year, would we still be able to claim new frames of mind and to start new projects and so forth? Like when you travel and you have to get used to the new time zone for the week only got forget about it and return home the next one? There is an understood place holder for the beginning of a new year that is recognized all over the world. We adhere to it and then we set out to reinvent our power one day at a time. The problem is, we run into new distractions as well. What we do then, allows us to track our progress. This truly gets my attention each and every time. 

     So are you planning to be bigger and stronger mentally this upcoming year? Will you save more money? Pay off more debt? Forgive or reach out to that person that your ego has allowed you to ignore and stay away from? Will you choose to make a vision board once and for all that plots what you really desire in your life going forward? Maybe you will finally work hard to get that body that you really desire? Does it bother you even just a little bit that you may have never written any new goals for the new year, therefore have never accomplished them either? Just a little food for thought. 

     I am sending you all of the best energy to do something or some things that make you believe in your power in 2015. I am asking the universe to show you a sign that lets you know that you always have support and the ability to move mountains if you choose to. If you require more money, reach out and model someone who has 20 times more than you. If you would love more friends, speak to more people and genuinely make an effort to make their lives easier by just showing up and being present. If you don't like your body eat less of whats slowing it down and more of what will energize it. 

     I took the time to look up the definition of the word resolution. This is what I found:

                       The ability of a device to show an image clearly and with a lot of detail.

      This was not the only definition as you can probably imagine. This was just the one that I most resonate with in my present state of mind. My mind has been showing me lots of detail as to what I truly plan to have all around me on many different levels. Just like using a camera. When you focus properly, you can then shoot and capture the best picture. If you show first in any direction at any time, it just comes out blurry. Sound familiar? Make yourself happy this year. Get out there on the field. Ignore the naysayers and the bench warmers. So glad to be in the game with you. Happy 2015!!!!!!



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