Task Rabbit Deliciousness

 If you know me, you know that I love a good presentation of any stripe. Well, today I sat through an hour and 45 minutes of a great one. There were two women, Jenna and Angela. They were both extremely professional and full of spirit. There is nothing that takes the place of a person who truly loves what they do. I was unsure if they were eating cake or giving a presentation by the looks on their faces and their body language. They provided the information and they did it with vim and vigor. I have always wanted to right vim and vigor. This is a great moment for me.

  Anyhow, if you are not familiar with Task Rabbit, in short it is a service that allows you to hire people to do the things that you cannot do. The categories are endless and the prime focus is to build community through helping others and getting compensated for it. This business model is showing up  everywhere and I love it. There is an app for the service and the people are getting paired up with an able body that will come and take care of pretty much anything. Let's say that you were going a trip and your flight was leaving at 8 pm. Well, to your dismay, you had to suddenly work all day because of an emergency at work. You did need to pick up your dry cleaning before you left, but now its impossible. You could hire someone, by the hour, to go and this for you quickly. That would save you the time of stressing out and going to the cleaners. The clothes would be delivered to your home. There are so many ways to assist others with this company.

   I do quite a bit to help others. The bottom line is, that it is also a skill as well, and people are getting paid to carry out some of the most mundane things.So basically, you pick the tasks that you want to do based on what you said you were skilled at doing. Is that just so easy and to the point or what? The app tells you where you are going to do what for whom and it moves forward. There is also quite a bit of questions that you need to be asked ahead of time to even become a tasker. I was told today that several thousands of people were turned down. I was blessed to be on the chosen list. i do not take this for granted.

  What's so interesting to me is how many people are getting paid to do what they love. There are so many ways to do it, if you seek it out diligently. I had such an amazing time today at this orientation that I just can't say enough about it. It will surely provide lots of new opportunities for many people as well as quite a bit of extra money as well. Right now, I believe that its in 19 US cities with I believe NYC and San Fransisco being in the top positions over almost all of the cities. I just wanted to give you all a heads up> If you want to help others and get paid, this is a very good company. Take a look at this site Task Rabbit . Hopefully, you live in a city that you can give this a shot and have some fun. I had to compliment these two women and let you know about this. I trust that this will serve you well whomever you are. Thank you



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