Signs That Scream Of Moving To A Higher Ground

  Lets face it, we do not listen to each and every sign that tells us to do what is good for us. That's what makes life so challenging and thrilling at times if you think about it. However, when you keep getting the same signal over and over again from the same area, its time to make a conscious decision to make something else happen. I mean there are people who have been at the same job with the same boss for years that they loathe. There are people who have hated the same car for years and would not even dream of buying a new or even better functioning one. This is all conditioning. We have all been victim to it at one time or another. The good news is that it can end when we choose to end it and that's as deep as it gets.

   A few choice emails and calls this week have made me a bit irritated on a few levels. I am calm now though, because I realize that I have grown and I have to be treated with a different level of respect. Its like the new employee at a clothing store. The first week and into the first few months, he or she is proving themselves. Then after the next few years go by, a star employee is training others and allowing those people to prove themselves as they did. You can only play small for so long. At that point, you either tell yourself that you have reached your comfortable ceiling and marinate there without complaint, or break through the ceiling to create your own level of existence. I love the sound of that.

   People will say what they want to you and label you as certain things. However, only you know your capabilities. If someone has successfully convinced you that you are just a cog in the wheel and that you can be replaced by anyone else at any time, its time to leave. Unless, you are happy and comfortable, then you should be allowed to be in this place. Being happy and doing what you love without any regard to competition or being indispensable, is a true gift. I have only met a select few people in my entire life thus far who can say that.

   When its time to fly, fly. When its time to shut a door, shut it. When its time to flex the muscles that you have been so diligently working on, flex them. There is no exact right time to start a new journey. I have heard so many people say that one day they will do so and so when they are ready. I cannot remember one person who said that and accomplished something phenomenal and out of their comfort zone after they were ready. All of the trailblazers that I know and read about just did it. I think we are all ready, we just don't want to fail at all on our way to our fantasy life. When the truth is, those who fail the most on the way to the mountaintop, without stopping, seems to have the biggest wins. I am ready to do that thing that is foreign, seemingly way outside of the box, and not a sure thing. I see it, I feel it. I will make it happen. Would you like to join me?



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