Lets face it, life is not perfect. If I had a dollar for every time a person sent that word out of their mouth or casually placed it in a sentence improperly, I would be on the beach in St.Barts right now. Just recently I was working on a project with a good friend and he said that we are getting better, but it's not perfect yet. Perfect things have no room to grow right. If you are perfect, then what do you shoot for every day? Do you just sit around and berate others and get everyone up to speed? I am just asking because I am far from perfect. As a matter of a fact, I do not wish to be perfect at all. This word or this movement has some very obvious holes in it for sure. I am just stretching it open a little bit in this posting.

   People say, that's the perfect home. Or they may say, "Now that's the perfect car for you!"They sometimes even say, "She or he is perfect for the job!" Anyway, I wrestle with perfection sometimes because it's strangely synonymous with order to me at times. So I strive to keep things in order around me as I go through my life. When things are in order, I feel better, work better, create better, and of course play better. The down side is that many people could not care less about order or any kind of flow in their lives. This does not keep me from somehow running into them and having to deal with them though. Then if something goes sideways, I can be accused of having perfectionism tendencies. So what's the solution?

   I am learning each day that we all have our own bars to live up to. What I deem so necessary, you could deem very unnecessary and so forth. I can tell you one thing that I feel is perfect yet still continues to grow and be beautiful in many ways. Can you guess what I am going to write? Here it comes, wait for it, nature. In each season it does what it has to do and it never complains at all. Of course if it were complaining, how would we know? I have always viewed nature as sheer perfection. I refer to tit at times when I am going through something low vibrational and it sets me back on track so quickly. Check it out for yourself and tell me what you feel about this.

    I have been aware of the things that my mind wants to so called "perfect" in the past 6 months and I have come to the conclusion that life is more fluid and inconsistent than not. I  mean I am consistent in quite a few things that I do, however, there is always a challenge that wants to push you off balance and into the land of imperfection, by your standards. So I choose not to use that word with such vigor. Actually, I never have, I just embodied it in certain situations that put me in a less than favorable state. When things don't go as planned, improvise and create a new path. If life were perfect, pencils would not have erasers. Onward



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