Our Stereo Is Not Working

 So this is an interesting story about the atmosphere being different as well as the joy of not giving up, all rolled into one. Have you ever meet a person that just doesn't want to give up no matter what? That would be me. Sometimes I really should let something go, be it a challenge to get to another level, or an uncomfortable exchange that I want to make better, or anything along those lines. Its these times, there really is no meter as to what is right or wrong. Its up to us to go with our gut and let the cards love where they may. With that being said, I walked away proud of how I dealt with this situation today and it made me feel as though I possibly gave up too soon with a few other little scenarios. I walk away a bit easier than I used to, but its still challenging.

  I have a great group of friends who are like family to me. They happen to own a Japanese restaurant in my neighborhood. These people are Chinese, not that it matters. However, I have always been fascinated with Chinese people who specialize in Japanese cuisine. There is no rhyme or reason to this thinking. I love both cultures just the same. Anyhow, we have been close for years. I sang at the owners wedding and I visit the restaurant at least twice a month. They treat me like a king and I do what I can to show my appreciation at every turn. I just always feel this urge to do things for them, I have given them music for the restaurant, photography for their walls, and I have even played music with another musician in the dining room. That is just a little of the back story. Its all good energy...

   Today I visited them and it was all smiles as usual. I was there about 20 minutes and I realized that something was different in the dining room. Then it hit me, the music was off. All of the conversations were twice as loud. The woman that took my order, which is always just vegetables with brown rice, felt as though she was screaming at me. I asked her what happened to the music and she told me that it just stopped. This made me curious and I asked the chef. He said just about the same thing. He said it was out since last night. I offered to take a look at it. In the back of my mind, I knew that I would get it working properly very shortly. I gave it a shot and trouble shot it for about 20 minutes. I arrived at nothing and there was no sound.

   I then ordered some food in the hopes that as soon as I was finished and the music was on, I would eat a little bit of food. I shut it on and off, pushed many buttons, and moved the entire machine in the opposite direction. There was still no sound. After many attempts and a bit of inner frustration, I returned to the table and started to eat. Then I looked up at the chef and told him that I really don't like to give up. So I decided to pull up the model number on line and get more info. Because the machine was shutting off and displaying the word "protect". I knew that I was getting closer. I then looked up the word in the trouble shooting area and there it was the possible answer! To make a long story longer, I was on the right track.

   I felt that possibly it was the speaker system overloading when the attached iPod was placed at a high volume and the actual stereo being turned up at the same time. I was close in my assumption. I would up solving it by noticing that the wires in the back were touching based on the angle of the wires coming from the back of the cabinet. When two wires from different speaker channels touch, the machine protects itself by shutting down. So I split the wires up a little bit so that they would not touch and the music came on and all was back to normal. My friends thanked me and the restaurant felt cozy and warm again.

    Keep it mind, anyone could have done this. It just took some "sticktoitiveness" and crazy curiosity. I walked out of the restaurant feeling like I had accomplished something that changed the mood of the place. Then I thought to myself, how many situations could have gone that way had I just hung in for a few minutes or so? The answer is probably many more than I will ever know. However, there has to be a reason to hang on and plow through. There has to be some sort of payoff that only we can feel from the inside. I am surely not invincible or perfect. However, I am wildly curious and tenacious about finding my walls and boundaries.

     Have you ever thought about why you stop at a certain point when things get tough? What is your payoff for not stepping into the unknown or pushing forward to bypass it? Do you own your position or does it down you? I just wonder, that's all. I ask these questions of myself on the regular.



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