Offering A Piece Of Yourself

  Imagine that you have something to offer to another person. You have an idea, an extra piece of advice, a password, a route recommendation. These things are common and they happen all of the time. We give to each other, sometimes unconsciously and it feels good. These moments of giving should not deplete us, or damage us, or make us feel less than we are on any level. However, if you give to someone, something, or some situation when you are reluctant to from the beginning, it can sometimes go wrong. The fact that it could go wrong is almost always brought to our attention by our gut feelings and we usually done listen right away. I hope you are connecting with this.

   Now imagine that you are actually giving a piece of yourself to actually help someone to live longer. I am speaking in the case of an actual transplant. This exactly the same kind of thing, except this is involving actual parts of you that are healthy that you agree to give to another. In this situation, you are massively helping out another person so that they can have a better quality of life. However, as you help them, you put yourself at risk because this could make your body work harder and maybe even cause some new problems in a presently functioning well body. So the question is, when is it worth it to put yourself at risk when the ramifications are brought up in the beginning? Does it become an act of compassion and you decide to just deal with the possible repercussions, or do you pass on the opportunity all together?

    I happen to believe that when you help others, its feeds you, the other person, and those who are connected to both of you. That sounds so great and seems to make so much sense. The other side of this equation though, is that the initial vibe or feeling or nudge is where the entire motherboard lives.I have witnessed it a thousand times. How many times have you heard someone say that they knew it after that unfortunate thing happens? Or when they talk about someone and they say that they never trusted them from the beginning, but they went forward anyway and got hoodwinked.

    The energy and the vibe are king. Sharpen your gut listening skills and follow it consistently.Have a magnificent day. Just do what you gut tells you to in order to make that happen.



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