My Divine Gifts / C.A.L P.


  If you have ever had any dealings with numerology, you already know that the truths that are exposed are very interesting. A near and dear friend of mine asked me to give her my information as well as my picture so that her mentor could reveal my driven gifts. I balked at this at first because I could not figure out how someone else could possibly tell me my own divine gifts. I was a bit off base though. This man truly captured me in some very clear words that made me think about my path going forward and it gave me pause. Divine order, divine creation, and lastly, divine authenticity, were my divine truths. My personal journey is truly supported by these things. However, I realize more and more that there are signs all around me that tell me that these are my strengths and also my weaknesses at times.

    While reading this document that was written just for me, I stumbled over a few sentences that I had very close relations to. For example, doing whatever is necessary to keep people happy and to avoid drama. When this happens, most people seem to create their own personal drama inside where only they can feel it. I have been here many times. So does it really pay to do whatever is necessary for others if you are not content? I think not. The other one was that if you are not constructive with your advice, it will be unwanted and possibly inappropriate for some people. This one is tricky because we all intake a different way and we cannot see into another person's brain to see what the right path is to properly affect them. So we do the best that we can, when we can, with whomever in our close circle or otherwise that is open to our perspective. This is heavy stuff at times.

    After reading what was on the papers, I asked myself what words or ways of being meant the most to me and I came up with CALP. This stands for Calm, Abundance, Love, and Presence. These are my top concentrations. Now there are certainly sub categories for all of these. However, I believe that with these four, you can figure anything out with a bit of patience and time. In each instance when i enlist these words or states of being, I get relief that makes a difference going forward. It amazes me how the mind can complicate it all at times and get road blocked my all of the distractions. I have done it so many times. I am more conscious of it now than ever before.

   There was also a numerology part of this that was just as revealing. I am a 31/4 apparently. This means that I tend to make decisions using head and heart while trusting the process of life. However, it also indicates that I produce more start-stops than completions. This is what I diligently work through every day. For example, the consistency of this blog. When I started it, I had a lapse or two here and there and I was worried about keeping it up. Now I have momentum and I am not making it an option to stop at all. My momentum is crucial. This started from nothing and now it has over 400 posts. I am so humbled that you are still reading it. I do not take it for granted at all.

   This has been an enlightening day. If yo have some time, check your numerology and let me know what you find out about yourself. Was it accurate? Can you learn from it? Will it make you pay more attention to your actions gong forward? I would love to know to know. All you have to do is write out your birth date first. For example: February 12, 1976 or (02121976). Now put a plus sign between each number and add them up. So with this example, it would be 28. Then split the two digit number and add them. This example would be 10. I hope that is clear. 28/10 would be this one. Reach out to me and let me know what you think. You will need to refer to a book that has the numerology references called The Life You Were Born To Live , Its by Dan Millman.I read his other book Way Of The Peaceful Warrior , and it was amazing. There was a movie about it too.

    I hope that some of this has reached you in a positive way. Be well.




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