Minutiae Explosion

 There are so many little things that I notice and enjoy by myself in this crazy city. If I could hook my brain up to a computer that lets you hear the things that I have paid most attention to during every day, I could have quite a show on my hands. People just amaze me. We are all so different. I love the diversity.

  Two days ago I was coming home on the train and I ran into one of my favorite actors from "House Of Cards". I tend to manifest almost every person that I want to meet within at lest 6 months of concentrating upon them. The guy that I ran into is named Corey Stoll. I normally would not use his name, however, he and his girlfriend were just really cordial and engaging. I just excused myself for interrupting their conversation and complimented him. We then got on the train and went to the same neighborhood in Brooklyn. He lives probably blocks from me. He was a very nice person.Just classy and not full of himself at all. I manifested that meeting, I am sure of it. I also have a great friend that looks so much like him that he could be his body double. That was a cool surprise meeting. I gave him my card. One never knows if we will meet up again.

   About a week ago, I dropped my hat on the train on the way out. The woman that was sitting next to me inside the middle area of the train called after me. I ignored her, I did not know she was trying to get my attention. Just as the doors were closing, I looked, she flung the hat out to me with a perfect throw and I caught it. That was a moment that was as smooth as silk. There are good people out there.

   There is a shoe company called "Camper" that I am crazy about. The shoes are so comfortable and unique looking. I am friends with the staff in two locations here in NYC. I had just a moment to poke my head inside before my show last night and the salesman who had helped me only one time in the past was there again. I greeted him with his name and he smiled. He told me that it was great to see me again and that he would get me the size of the show that I was interested in, I would not have come in if I didn't get an email with a picture of these insane boot, sneaker, shoes. I had to see them live. So as he was walking away he said, "43" right? I was truly impressed. I had not been there in a least 4 months and he remembered my size. He told me that he would hold them for me and that they would be there when I returned sometime this week. I will write a letter about him to the company. I tried to already, however, the company hot line that is as big as day on the site, has never answered once thus far. Peculiar wouldn't you say?

    Lastly, would you work for less per hour if your company told you that they need the money because they were having a bad week, month, or year? Put another way, lets say that you worked for a company that sent their workforce out in groups of 4. However, this one time they wanted to send out 5 for the price of four to make a good impression on the client. Would you work for less money at the same level to make the company look good? Ponder that for a moment.

    Its all small stuff, depending on who you ask. Thanks for at least pondering it for a few moments. So much going on inside of this thunder dome. Be well until next time.




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