Hidden Talents Vs. Obvious Weaknesses

   I love how powerful we all are. Some of you might be asking yourself how I know that you are powerful when I may not even know you right? Well, just trust me join this one concept.There have been too many situations to name that involve people doing things that were quite frankly, impossible in times of dire need.There have also been instances of certain people falling very short of the mark or even perishing when they have had everything at their disposal. Not one person can really say that they know whats in another persons head or heart, however, very few of us are playing with our full deck on any given day. I read a passage today in "The Motivation Manifesto" that really moved me. It read as follows,"Why, when the moment arrives, do so many gasp and beg and plead for one more hand of card, as though the Dealer would keep patience for a drifter who never even fully played the cards He had already so generously dealt? I will let that marinate with you for a moment.

   So what I am getting at here is the hidden talents in all of us. When I speak of talents, I do not mean the things that may fall under the common entertainment field. I am saying that we all have an ability that someone else does not have. Some of us have many talents that other do not have. Lastly, some of us have talents that we do not know that we have. I say this because its all viable information. The things that come so easy to you are frightening for a large amount of people. So how can we bridge that gap? My first answer is to listen more to what people are saying. Then instead of judging them when they say something that is totally backwards, small, and deflating, see if one of your talents can lift them up off of the ground just a little bit so that they can feel a bit more equipped to move forward.

   When I speak of obvious weaknesses, I have to be fair and also say that if you see someone who has a weakness, that's just your opinion, even if you feel its right. I have been guilty of this many times. So to be even clearer, Your strength could also be your weakness caught up in a Napoleon complex. In other words, sometimes when we think we are noticing weakness in another person, we are exposing our own weakness, yet not holding ourselves accountable for it. When I realized that, or should I say when that happens to me at times, I get quiet and reorganize my mind. It can really bring down the house.

    So what weaknesses are truly obvious? I say, the ones that we admit that we have inside of ourselves. I have had to sit with this recently and excavate not my own accountability, coupled with the ability to just say no. You know what I am getting at I am sure. Saying no to the things that you do not have to do and yes to the ones that push you forward. I said yes way too many times this month for the betterment of others, and it derailed me shortly afterwards. It was all done with good intentions, but I shortchanged myself. It happens, but it doesn't have to.

     Just some food for thought.



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