Finding Mandela And The Love Below

     This may sound a bit off to you, however, the more that I focus my intentions and the more that I write this blog, the more things are happening in total alignment. Now just about a week ago, I was walking passed a movie premiere for the new Chris Rock Movie. I stopped and watched all of the movie stars walk in and everyone taking pictures of them and so forth. I am not start struck, however, I am star curious. They lead lives that are on surveillance 24 hours a day and it does not look easy. Anyhow, I saw one of the actresses come down the corridor that I really love. Her name is Rosario Dawson. There has always been something about her that is just solid and honest and gorgeous. So I watched her being graceful and amazing as usual. Then somehow I wound up online looking at the other things that she was currently doing. I ran across some info that said she had been recorded on one of Outcast's albums. I then thought to myself, why don't I have any of this guy's music? Not because of Rosario, but just because I have always loved what Andre 3000 does and I have sung his songs for years. Then I wondered what did she do on the album? I was curious so I told myself that I was going to buy the record. Those two together has to be hot.

      Then I was thinking very hard about Mandela a few days ago. Just about his strength and character and how one person moved millions. I have one of his books, but I wanted to read some others, so I decided that I would either go to the library or online to get another one. Well, as you can see above, I found them both. Yes, I found them together outside of an apartment. I live in an area that strongly promotes putting things outside, so that those who need or want them can take them. When I saw this I got a bit of a tingle because I had asked for it internally and It had arrived. This is not the first or even the tenth time that this has happened to me. I have truly lost count.

     So when someone tells you that it doesn't matter what you think about, they are wrong. When someone tells you that it doesn't matter what you say, they are wrong again. Our minds have one of the most sophisticated hard drives in the universe that connects directly to the universe, if you get my drift. I love to share these little stories, because in the end, you are me and I am you. This was just another affirmation that we create our lives day by day. I must go for now. I have people to sing to!!!Be well. Call on what you most would've to receive. Actually, just welcome it and it will be on its way before you know it.

     By the way, just for clarity, The Outcast cd is called "The Love Below". I am sure that some people will find this posting and be a bit drawn to the title for obvious reasons. That is actually a fun thought to have as I send this.



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