Behind The Veil Of The Christmas Text / You Thought Of Me

      Where do I start with this overly expansive topic? Each and every Christmas, I receive at least 8 texts that wish me a merry christmas. I love to be thought of just like everyone else on this gorgeous planet. The issue is, how do I know who you are if I only get a number? This is actually so entertaining to me at the same time. It's funny because I get group texts as well, therefore I get follow ups from other people that I do not know on top of that! It is just one more indicator that we are more and more disconnected in our society. I love to be called or text messaged to in the most personal way and that will never change. By the way, if I receive a text from you and it has your name on it, I completely appreciate being thought of at anytime of the day. I just really believe that we would multiply our vibrations by truly reaching out and feeling that voice when we can or meeting face to face. When it's geographically challenging, then we all can give the other person a break. I prefer the voicemail at the other end to the anonymous number  with the sweet sentiment any day and on any holiday.

      Isn't it also very peculiar and just a bit bizarre that you only hear from certain people on Christmas? It's like this open pass to reignite and then go into hiding for the next 364 or so days. This is all being written in the most light hearted way, by the way. Then there is this feeling that I get when I did not reach out to certain people for whatever reason. I have amassed thousands of friends over the years and to send cards to all of them would surely be a daunting task. However, it felt really warm and special to have received the ones that I did this year from such a diverse group of extremely loving and genuine people. They were from different parts of the world and it did make a difference that they took the time to render that gesture. Lastly, have you ever wished that someone had reached out to you on Christmas for purely selfish reasons? Only to ask yourself later why you did not reach out to them yourself?  Things that make you go hmmmmmm?

      Our lives are full of distractions, missteps, curiosities, and uncertainties. In the end, none of us can truly judge one another based on if we made a call or not on a holiday or for a specific occasion. I admit though, some days in particular could get you in a tub of hot water if you should choose not to acknowledge them. That seems to always depend on the perspective of the receiver and how much power they give to it. If you miss your partners birthday, does that mean that you do not love them? If you forget your anniversary of 8 years, does your better half have the right to send you to the doghouse for the next week or so? What if you space out on some plans that were made weeks in advance, which has a great friend of yours waiting for an hour in a restaurant? Can they forgive you and understand? Or should it just have not happened? These are just questions to ponder.

     In closing, I have learned as I am still maturing that we can give meaning to absolutely anything. I caught myself doing it just today and then I internally screamed......STOP! How do you know what that means? What proof do you have? Is it just about you? Can you be 100 percent sure that this is about you or meant to harm you purposely? My answer was, just flue and let it be for now. It was so soothing and so much easier than the alternative. We are all human. If you missed a few calls today or if a few key people did not reach out to you, smile. Then ask yourself, how would the day have been better if they had called or if  you had called them? How much meaning are you truly giving to it?  I asked myself this question today and my answers gave me some interesting insights about myself. There was actually one person who I wished had called me today. I sent them a full satchel of holiday love and care. So, in actuality, it didn't matter whether they called or not. The energy was sent and there is nothing that they can do about it. I am actually certain that they received it. Ahhhhh life.



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