Becoming More Effective By Slowing Down / Accountability Challenge


   There is so much power in going slow and steady. We have all heard of the turtle and no doubt seen it in action many times. I often wonder if anyone has ever seen a turtle go fast, but that's another story. My concentration though, is making a conscious effort to really slow down and become even more effective than I am already. So the question becomes, how much of what I am doing in my life right now is feeding me and how much is just artificial filler? We all say that we have so much to do at one point in our day or week or month. However, recently, I have been asking myself more and more, how much of it can I shave off and just zero in on productivity in a way that truly rewards me and those around me?

   I have a few friends in my life that seem to celebrate how busy they are while exposing how unhappy they are at the same time. Let me be clearer, they don't actually celebrate it, they complain about it. Truthfully, I love the things that I am involved in right now in my life. The issue is, there are definitely some things that are depleting me a bit more than is necessary. The magic part about it though, is that I am certain that I can dissolve some of them. It's my feeling that when we see the soul blocks that appear, we should focus on smoothing them out in the most expedient fashion possible.

    This posting comes on the heels of taking part in accountability exercise with a dear friend of mine. We have a template that tracks us every day. We each have 5 benchmarks that we concentrate on daily. I created 5 things that are important to do daily to enrich, strengthen, or just keep consistent in my world. She wrote down 5 of her own. The goal is to do each one every day no matter what. As I have been tracking my actions over the past few weeks, I see a pattern of distraction that is very interesting. So there are 24 hours in a day and lets say about 16 of those hours are accessible for us to do anything that we please when we are not sleeping. Now if you work a 9 to 5, then that number is actually 8 or so. What do you do in that space of time that makes you stronger, feel better, inspired, or in service to another human being? These are the questions that I have been asking myself lately.

    The other side of this is our associations inside of this machine. Who gets our time? Do we spend an unnecessary amount of time with people who drain our head space? Can we just not take certain calls just to remain a bit saner and breathe easier? In short, yes we can. So what is it that keeps us in that space of doing things that do not support our progress? Or better yet, what keeps up tied to that mindset that keeps telling us that it will get better even though we don't change a thing? I have to be very frank. Each time that I say that I am going to do something without incorporating the word "try", it gets done. If I leave myself any space for possible failure, it shows up. Worry or doubt produces the depletion of forward motion almost every time.

    Well, with all of that being said, I am going got take a short nap after writing this. I think that it will do my brain and body good to take a breather. By the way, when I add up the time that it takes me to finish my daily commitments, it comes out to 180 minutes per day. That 3 hours spread out through the day. I have to admit, that is not a lot of time at all if I am really honest with myself. Number one, it's not all at once. Number two, its all pleasurable for me and very advantageous for my soul. Thirdly, I created the list, so there is no negative vibration behind any of the actions. There are so many insights that come from being real with yourself. I have to admit it out in the open.

     Just so you can get the full picture of what I concentrate on and why, here are the things on my accountability list:

           - 1 hour of guitar playing per day
           - 30 minutes of meditation
           - Purge or give away two items from my home daily
           - Read 2 chapters of personal development daily 
           - Write one blog post a day

     I will change the list on January 1, and then embark upon a monthly accountability journey. I plan to document it and change it on the first of every month. So I challenge you to find just one accountability partner. You done even have to live in the same city or country. My partner and I talk briefly every Sunday and review our progress and our pitfalls. This exercise lets you know exactly whats going gone and it does not lie. You either did it or you did not. If you would like to join our group and strengthen some parts of your life, just send me a quick email at with "KPI START" in the subject line.By the way, KPI stands for "key performance indicator". Just tell me who you are, where you live, and what things you want to be accountable for in the new year. If I receive more than 10 requests, I will host a free live accountability call every Sunday that will allow us all to check in. Remember, the 5 things are built for you and only you. They are the things that you care most about on your journey. Set your list up for success. Stay away from making unrealistic goals that will make you feel as though you have failed. This is about success and doing the thing that you really want to do, period.

     Understand, that I am doing this because I know how powerful it is to have a group of people all moving in the same direction without resistance. If you step up, then I have to step up. That is one of the reasons why I have come up with this idea. Lastly, I have created a handmade 2015 poster/calendar called "The Steele Cal". It can go up in your kitchen or office or where ever you like. If you are one of the 10 people to sign up for this accountability challenge before January 8, 2015, I will mail you a calendar for free anywhere in the entire world. They will be $15 dollars plus shipping otherwise and available in the "Magic Store" section of this blog starting the first week in January. The calendar/poster is 21"x 29" and is completely created by my hands and some colored pencils and pens. Eleven months go from left to right and December graces the bottom all alone. It will be rolled up and sent along to you. I may add some more color before I send it to the printer.Here is what it looks like now.

        I am humbled to have so many people read this blog from around the world. Please know how much it means to me in so many ways. I am still growing, learning, and shedding some fears just as you are. We can move forward together or we can continue to struggle silently and alone. I think you feel what I am getting at. Be well and enjoy your day or night! I am so excited for this new year.




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