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  I would love to tell you that something earth shattering has kept me from writing a proper blog for about a month or so, but that would not be true. The truth is that I have been hiding behind living and a tad bit of fear. Not to worry, I am happy and very much in a creative and loving space right now. Its just that so many lessons and challenges are staring me in the face right now that its just insane. My ears, eyes, and soul are more open now than they have ever been in my entire life. Its magical, freeing, scary, confusing, thought provoking, and most of all consistent.

  In the middle of a discussion with a client of mine, she delivered a statement to me where she made it clear that we should never go even one day without our dose of Vitamin P. The P is this case means "pleasure". I felt like that statement was a no brainer when she first said it. Then I thought about it a little bit closer and realized that I need to pay more attention to this concept. Trust me, I have fun everyday in one way or another, however, I somehow knew that I needed to do better. What is better when it comes to your own daily pleasure? To some it means reading a few chapters of a riveting novel. To others it's being with a close friend. For some its just having some peace and quiet.

   The concept of Vitamin P to me is when you go and do exactly what you know will make you happy without a doubt. Correction, we make ourselves happy, all of the rest of the stuff that falls outside of that is extra. I believe that even when we align ourselves with a specific person to be happy, we have already decided that it will be so before we are actually in their presence. I have seen so many examples of this in just the past 2 years. I think that this concept is so powerful.

   I have been thinking about the story that we all tell ourselves. Not the same story, of course, just our personal same story that is different from person to person. We listen to other peoples stories and if they don't agree with ours, we sometimes get irritated. However, if we allow someone else's story to get lodges in our heads, then we could hit the wall much harder strictly because we allowed someone else to guide our own vessel  for us. When people hire personal coaches for a myriad of reasons, how many of them are just paying to lose their current story to give birth to another one? Then after following through with it all, they realize that it's not them at all. My story has been that I am limitless and capable of anything that I say I am. However, balance is key for me and I have been falling short in that area recently. When I am balanced, each day feels like the last 10 minutes of a deep tissue massage. I flow and I make calm and rational decisions. If conflict arises, I treat it like a breeze that runs across my face, I let it go.

    Yes is a word that is full of responsibility.Would you like to have lunch with me tomorrow?Yes.Would  you be able to do me a very important favor?Yes. Can I count on you to complete this project before January?Yes.My yes game has been flying high for years it seams. So why is it that yes is not really a word that just shoots out of most peoples mouth? As I said a few sentences ago, it requires responsibility. Immediately after the three letter word shoots out, it has to be accompanied by action. Yes is the door that opens us up to feeling more confident that it is all possible. If you say yes, but you mean no, the repercussions are stiff. However, if you say no, there are no expectations and the mind tends to just remain stationary. That's not to say that sometimes you will say no to something that is not in keeping with your energy, because it will happen for sure. I don't say yes to everything or everyone.There have been very few times in my life when Ive said yes, that I did not have the best of intentions to follow through and/or go the extra mile. I love to feel that things are possible. I love to make things possible for others. Saying yes a little bit more than you usually do could be really powerful. Just remember that your story might want you to say no. Ignore it.

 Good to be back here with you all.

     Thank you for reading...



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