Looking Beyond The Low Vibrations

  This has been an interesting year for racism, killings, profiling, and so forth. I can honestly say, I have stayed as far from the news in 2014 as I possibly can. I may watch the news once in a week and that's about it. I realize that the world is going through some things that need serious attention and I am responsible to be the change that I wish to see. However, I choose to focus on that which vibrate high for myself. I do this by paying attention to the minutiae that is present all over this grand city. The things that I see are so refreshing sometimes that I just smile inside and express my gratitude without telling anyone. Yet other times, I expose it and I hope that it reaches others in a way that causes them to do the same.

   My train rides are always so full of entertainment on any day, that I feel as though somehow I should purchase a ticket after I swipe my metro card. Today I watched a man get up to give a woman his seat. I have written about this before. However, this time there was a conversation that inside that was well worth the price of admission. She smiled at him and thank him with a smile that was warm and genuine. He told her that it was his pleasure. She noticed that he had a guitar with him and asked him what type of music he played. He explained that he played Afro Cuban music at an upscale cigar bar off of 5th ave. She was impressed and told him that he was surely making a living the correct way. He was moved by her open minded and friendly nature. He explained how blessed he was and that he would not do anything else for a living. When his stopped came, she bid him adieu, and he smiled as well and exited the train.

    This exchange was heart warming on a few levels. I just love when people show genuine interest in others. It's usually a domino effect anyway. He gave his seat, she was moved, she showed interest in him based on that. There could have been many other scenarios playing out in both of their heads for sure. This was just my viewpoint of it from my vantage point. It was fluid, real, playful, and very refreshing.

    In closing, I prefer to take part in the things that will create more love, understanding, and cohesiveness. We cannot gain though hate. When things go wrong, and they will again and again, can't we look for ways to brighten each other up? I feel for the many people who lost there lives this year to hate crimes and so forth. It happens and it happens for many reasons. However, how many of those people who lost love ones are working on loving more right now? By the way, just to be clear, I feel that people should grieve and be who they need to be when they lose a loved one. I just feel that to go on hating for the rest of your life is going to leave a mark that will also drip out on countless people in your path for the rest of your life. In the words of one of my favorite vocalists, love is stronger than pride. Stay strong and open to the possibilities. Be well.



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