Impromptu Balancing The Moods Of Others

  This topic is one that I will surely be fine-tuning for years to come. When we are in the presence of another person and their energy is the polar opposite ours, it can be very taxing on our soul. First thing that usually happens, is the ego rises. How many times have I experienced this? I would need 5 more sets of hands to show you. Those moments when the other person is spinning out of control and you are expected to receive it without any problems or rebuttals on your end. We have all been there right? There is venting, and then there is complaining. There is stressing and then there is whining. I think you get my point.

   What I know for sure is that in these moments, the other person is not holding themselves responsible most times. They are just shooting rounds at you like Al Pacino in The Godfather. This is where our power comes from. Its in these moments that we have to suffocate the ego and just observe. This very difficult for me in many ways. I was in this situation over the phone about 20 minutes ago. To top it off, this person was driving while talking to me. There was a headset involved, by the way. As my ego started to rear its head, I pushed it back down. But then, I said the thing that can sometimes really set off an H bomb. I asked the person on the other line to please relax because they seemed very frantic and off balanced today. What was their reply do you ask? "Don't tell me to relax!!!" Ahhhhh roll the tragedy music....

    At this point, I realized that I did not get ahead with that statement. It was meant in a very nice and comforting way, but it landed unsuccessfully. To top it off, my friend then hung up after telling me that they had missed their exit. Now, lets look at this. Had I just been quiet and took the sharp words and low vibrational energy that I was being served, I might have dodged the bullets.However, I believe there is also power in letting people know how you like to be treated. I didn't say what I said with any venom on my tongue, I just said it. The other part of this is, this person was far into this vibe way before we spoke on the phone. You know how you join a show already in progress? Let's call this an episode of Law And Order. I joined the show at the moment the mother could not find her lost son and the doorbell rings and it's a bill collector. Catch my drift?

   To use an example of a seesaw, if one side is too heavy, you can only get it to move with the same weight. The trick is with humans, many times the weight should be the opposite style of weight. So being just as nice as the person is being rude. That sounds fake and unrealistic on one level. My point is that it has worked in the past and I really work hard to stay present to make it happen in the future. Shut it down peacefully or diffuse it gradually with ridiculously sound ego less energy. I felt depleted after the call, so I just sat with it and then came to write this blog.

   There is a paradigm that I live by about 80 percent of the time. If I am not centered, then I cannot be centered for others. If I am in a bad place, I usually work on it alone for at least one day or less. If I still cannot deal, I reach out to my favorite energy or listener. We are not responsible for other people's moods. We are only responsible for our own. So when we hit the wall based on another person's influence, we have the power to switch directions immediately. Easier said than done, I hear you. So shouldn't we preserve our god nature and soul fluidity? You wouldn't drink acid would you? Why not? Because it would kill you. Many people are almost dead right now as I write because that's what they do every day. I am calmer now. I got thrown off of the ride, but I am ready to get back on and enjoy a smoother ride next time.



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