Getting Turned On

  Where is your mind now? What did that title do your thoughts? Did you feel it in a sexual way, a spiritual way, a nondescript way, or just strange in general? I had a conversation with a friend of mine recently, and she used that sentence to describe her current state of mind. She told men that she feels turned on again to her life. After going to a seminar that was tailored for women, she felt turned on again about her life. Was it the collective women vibe and the bonding? Was it the change of climate that was very obvious because it was in Florida? Maybe it was  something that she heard from another person? Either way, it changed her. The voice that I heard last week and the one that I heard yesterday was night and day.

   As we listen to those around us on a daily basis, we all hear and feel energy. When someone is "lit up",there is no mistaking it no matter who you are in contact with on any day. When I am turned on and lit up, everything around me takes on that rhythm as well. The greatest part of that for me is what it does to others simultaneously. I notice that my good attitude or positive nature makes others feel good even if for only just a moment. The other side of the coin is that it disturbs other people too. They may cal you fake or inauthentic, or even unrealistic. That is their choice and there is nothing that you can do about that. As I spoke to my friend the other day, she lit up the entire call for me. Just to be fair, I was already in a great place and the cal was only about 15 minutes. Its just that I always listen and watch carefully when someone is in that place. The place where all is flowing and energetically balanced for them. There is so much to take from those situations.

    The things that turn me on are so simple. I love for things to flow for others. I love for things to be open to interpretation, as opposed to set in stone. It makes me happy to watch others helping others and keeping each other up in the process. Its also very pleasurable to feel that someone has been affected by a choice that you made and in turn uses the same info in their life. It makes me feel warm inside when a person just reached out and says that they must see you to get a piece of your energy. Many times I have no idea what I said or did to certain people to make them render such a grand compliment. But I have to say, that one of my most favorite things to witness is when a person proves them self wrong. When someone tells them self that something is not possible, only to turn around and achieve it anyway. They could not walk 5 miles, and then they walk 7. They could not ask that person a date, and now they are married. They could not lose 30 pounds, and now they are teaching fitness and on the cover of a magazine. I think you get my drift.

    We can all turn ourselves on with the smallest of things if we allow it. I see it all of the time. I am no expert at it, however, I can do it very consistently. I just look around at all that i have and all that I am capable of on any given day. My friend inspired me and she didn't even know it. I told her that i loved how she was glowing in the call and that I was happy for her. However, I don't think she realized that she inspired me. It's happening all over the place every day. What turns you on today? If you don't feel anything, go back to something that turned you on before and revisit it. This life is so magnificent.



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