An Intense Passing....ChiChi Egbuna

   Some people in this life have such a strong energy and aura that you savor it each and every time that you come near it. It's the way that they live and the way that they take you on their journey without your permission. You just let it happen because it feels so good. These are the human beings that make life worth living. These are the human beings that make you want to push harder on every level.

    I believe that the first time I met ChiChi was in a yoga class. He was doing hot yoga with me and there were about 20 other students in the class. I noticed him because he was so focused and in tip top physical shape. Around the time that I met him I was not yet focused on my progress. I was regularly watching other students and measuring my ability to get into certain poses based on them. I have since moved away from that state of mind. I remember shaking hands with him only once. Every time after that, he greeted me with a strong hug and called me brother. He was always so happy to see me and he let it show. As some time went by, he was involved with the opening of another studio that was owned by another dear friend of mine that I adore to pieces. I knew that he would become a teacher and so he did. When I say that he was a fine teacher, it does not come close to what I really felt about his abilities. Let's just say, you walked out of the class feeling well taken car of and rejuvenated. He made me want to be a better yogi and an even better man.

    I knew that he had a great family and I always heard him speak of them. He has two boys who were obviously really following his lead on how to celebrate life and be strong men. I had the pleasure of seeing them a few times in passing. I had met his wife as well, briefly a long time ago. Its just that we never actually hung out when we were not doing yoga. I suppose we could have both made time, but it didn't happen. We can always make time to spend with those that we cherish, always.

    So last evening, I found out that ChiChi had a heart attack in the studio that he teaches in after his last class of the day. The news hit me like a strong wind in a hurricane. He passed in the studio, It was tragic, yet somehow very poetic and regal all at the same time. I can hardly imagine what the people felt like that were there. The shock must have been immeasurable. He was the picture of calm and optimal health, in my opinion. His words were deliberate and kind. His posture was that of a warrior who would only use his powers for good. I really connected with him.

    I visited his family this evening and felt the energy that he always had when I saw him. I feel for them because they have lost a giant energy who they will never replace. He was unique and magnificent. He was a father, friend, husband, guru, and example of a true passionate man. I learned from him and I will never forget those lessons. Remember to be present, live twice as hard as you think you should, and most of all to celebrate every moment of this life. I will miss you ChiChi. I salute you and all that you gave to each person that came into contact with you.



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