A. Fall / Sonorous

  The holiday season is upon us and its great to see it developing right in front of me. I walk around in the city quite a bit to do many things and its just glorious. I have to say though, its always the people that make it extra special. It does not matter what day of the week I walk around, I always find a person that gives me pause and pushes my mind to another place.

   I had to take a taxi the other day, UBER to be exact. If you are not familiar with UBER, look it up. It's classier than a cab.The service is really great and I have had all good experiences with it so far. There is an app on your phone that shows cars nearby on a map and then you type in an address and reserve. Its cool. No money is exchanges, by the way. Its all automated through your card.

   So this driver was from Senegal. His name was Alfouine Fall I believe. I didn't want to get it wrong in the title of the blog, hence the A.Fall. Firstly, he arrived across the street from the address that I had keyed in and beeped his horn for me to come across the street. I told him that I was going in the opposite direction. He then told me that he cannot make an illegal turn. His integrity was exposed at this point and I knew that it would be an interesting conversation during my short ride. He asked how I was doing and I returned the question. We were both happy to meet each other. I asked him how long he had been driving the car. He told me that it had been over 15 years. He added that he has never had even one traffic infraction. I was impressed and I loved his vibe.

    This driver had my full attention. He spoke of how his family is back in Senegal and how he sends money home to them. It was also interesting that he actually came here originally to do a printing press job. He is skilled in that field, however, he had to switch gears and drive for a living. We discussed earning potential with UBER versus the yellow cab. He told me that its about the same. I asked because I always see ads that say that UBER cab drivers make 3x more than cabs.Great marketing for sure.  His drive, polite nature, and knowledge of the city was just incredible. He made it clear to me that he owned his vehicle and that he sells the car every two years and gets another one. He buys it new, pays it off, and then gets another one. This time he will send his car home and sell it there in his homeland.

     What really got my attention about this man was his disappointment with how the black men here in America are not succeeding more. He pointed out that he had been here for 15 years and has money to live how he wants and to buy cars and to live well. He also stated that he spoke zero english when he arrived. I loved what he had to say, partly because I feel the same way. Then there is the other side which reminds me that everyone has different mind sets. When your mind is set, only you can move it. I was in concert with this mans thoughts, however, I have learned that judging others without really getting inside their head is not a good move. I thought of this as I was thinking about those who are currently struggling in their livelihood of choice. This man was a solid force of nature. I was so happy to have met him. I gave him my card and told him to send me his info, so that I could keep in touch with him. Thank you Sir. You gave me pause. He also added that his family did not like ti when they came here to NY. They felt that people were angry and not polite with one another. Its true that we can affect others through our words. However, if the words don't penetrate, we usually will do better celebrating them right where they are. If we cannot handle that, then it could be time to move forward. We always have a choice. By the way, the man in this story is a black man. I am pointing that out because he mad it clear that he was disappointed with his own race. He basically was saying that if he could excel coming from nothing, then so could any one else.

     So have you ever seen the word "sonorous"? I had never seen this word in my entire life until I saw it on my phone as I texted the sentence, "I am so proud of you." The phone liked that word instead of my sentence. I was curious about the word, so I looked it up online. The definition was:

  1. (of a person's voice or other sound) imposingly deep and full.


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