The Kindness Train / Facebook And I Have Separated

  I love to take stock of interaction between others, as you can clearly see. I believe that it has made me a better person over time. Being here in NYC, I see things that are so amazing that I continue to document them over and over again. There is so much to learn by just stopping and taking it all in.

  Two days ago I was on my way into the city on the train. People were speaking got each other, checkin their phones, staring off in to the distance, and so forth. The diversity of personalities and physical appearance was just over the top interesting. As I looked to my right, a woman got on the train with her mother, or so it seems as it was her mother. There was a man sitting to the right of her who was sitting next to an empty space.She smiles and graciously took it. Her daughter then stood in front her. The man actually put his hand out behind the woman back as the train pushed off, so she did not fall as she sat down. Then about 1 minute later , he got up and gave his seat to the daughter as well. Everyone then smiled at each other. That was a great moment.
   Immediately following this, and older woman got on the train and 2 different men got up instantly and offered their seats as well. This woman smiled and was even helped to the seat by the first gentleman.I thought to myself, wow, this is just the best thing to watch. Two stops later, a very frail older man got on the train and he truly did not look as though he would make it to his seat. He seemed homeless and very tired and did not have the best smelling body. He went to sit at an open corner seat and as the train was pushing off, he almost lost his balance. In a millisecond, two ladies that were right neck to him reached out and caught him. He waved and thanked them. He then placed his head on the sidebar to take a rest.

   On the same train entered a young man of about 24 or so. He delivered his shpeal about how he was homeless and that he needed some money to get some food and to get back to his home state of Pennsylvania. The passengers listened as attentively as they could, or so it seemed. Then a few people here and there gave him some coins and one person gave him a fruit. He was walking in my direction now and I just watched him and took it all in. Then out of nowhere, the man who had to be helped to his seat pulls out about $40 dollars in cash and gives the boy a $5 bill. I was so moved by this gesture. Firstly, he looked as though he could not even take care of himself, let alone anyone else. Secondly, I thought he was asleep and he was totally awake! As soon as the boy was in front of him, he reached out and gee him the money. That interaction was laced with so many lessons. I'll leave you to simmer with that one.

     Today I closed down my Facebook account as I had promised myself to do earlier this month. I had to do it for myself. Let me make one thing clear though, before I move on, I love Facebook. So why leave something that you love? My answer is simple, that which you may love too much can also be a hinderance. I am not speaking of people right now, because my prior statement could apply to people as well, just not in this instance. I checked my Facebook many times daily as I saw that red flag appear on my phone. I received countless messages from around the world in my time on Facebook as well. The connections that I have made for many different reasons and situations have been glorious as well. Even long lost friends that have found me there and surprised me has given me immeasurable joy. My point thought is simple, my focus had been seriously diverted from actual living, creating, interacting face to face, and most of all using my precious time wisely.

     So I asked myself one day how many hours I was on Facebook in a week combined? I had no answer, just an estimation because I had never tracked it. My answer was 15 to 20 hours collectively in a week. Then I did my own math and realized that I could turn those 60 to 80 hours into something really life changing for myself and others.You see I will still text and call friends. However, I will now make even more of a commitment to actually go and meet with them. I will still keep my account on a few other social media sites, however, none of them came close to harnessing my time like good old FB. I already feel lighter. I have to fill some orders for my journals and do some other arty catch up things, but I will also concentrate on where my mind goes now without that channel. So how will people find me? That is what a friend asked me the other day. I told him that if people want to find me, they will find a way. That's my story and I am sticking to it. Those who are key in your life will not be hard to find, ever. Also, those who you have somehow impacted on any level, will always make it their business to find you. So that takes care of that.

     I am a firm believer that we can exist on very little extras in this life. We live in a time that keeps reminding us that more is the new normal. That is not even close to being true. There is so much stimulation everywhere that we sometimes can lose touch with our own bodies and minds. I also became a bit disenchanted with the recent wave of killings of innocent people, my apologies, allegedly innocent people. The anger that exists in the world comes from so many different channels that I could not even begin to dissect that at all. But as I looked at videos and read stories and so forth on FB, I realized that I had a choice to read it or not. I was placing myself in the line of fire as it relates to some of the negativity. The plus to all of that for me was that there is an awareness that is vein brought to the world through FB. That needs to happen so that people can understand that us loving and helping each other is far more powerful than us killing and disrespecting one another.

     Lastly, I want you all to know that life exists without FB. I do not ridicule anyone that is on FB. As I said earlier, I love FB. The things that I have learned and the people that I have interacted with will never leave me ever. I also challenged myself to put one personal quote up for 365 days in a row and I believe that I exceeded my goal, according to a log that I downloaded from a FB based program. That alone gave me some insight as to what I think about and concentrate on daily. The quotes were all based on myself, friends, or conversations that I had that day or the day before. I will continue them here going forward.  On a side note, a good friend told me that he would check in with me to see if I'm still off of FB in a month. I could dear the doubt in his voice. Actually, to be fair, he is an acquaintance. So truthfully, he really doesn't know me that well. I am sure that he will check in with me though.

     Ask yourself today, what is it that could possibly be slowing me down that is right in front of me? Do I need it? Does it feed me? Am I making it my excuse for not going forward? Will I be lost without it? Could I get more accomplished not having it around?  Am I scared to have to explain it to others? I asked myself all of these questions. I answered al of them too. My answers will not help you at all. However, your answers may create a huge opening for you that could rip the roof off of whatever rut you are in. This is not the end all be all solution.You have to decide how much you want to cut away to flow freer. I just encourage you to take a look at where you are gravitating most towards right now. I celebrate the power in you. Thank you for reading. There is so much to come.



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