Summer Inspiration / My New Vision Statement

It is summer time in NYC. I can feel the temperature changing, albeit reluctantly, and the overall energy becoming a bit calmer. This is common at this time of year and it really does create a different energy. The clothing gets looser and the mindsets are open to more than they may have been even 2 months ago. New York is a city that eats, breathes, and sleeps possibility on every level. I am amazed at  how many things begin in the summer here in New York. 

  Just yesterday I rode my bike for at least 8 miles or more. I had errands to do, but most of all, I wanted to give my mind a clearing of sorts. I ventured to places in the city that I would not particularly frequent on a daily basis. I listened to the city on another level in a sense. It is a totally different experience to ride your bike in this city. You have to be 4 times more alert than you normally are and you have to see everything before it happens. What I mean by that is, at any moment, something could jump right in front of you and you better be prepared for it. I wrestle with wearing my bike helmet each time that I connect with my bike. I know that its without a doubt the best thing to do. On the other hand, I love to feel the breeze going through my locks as they stretch out and have their own freedom for the duration of my ride. Yesterday was one of those days. I think about having a bike accident as must as I think about being negative, almost not at all.

   I had an idea yesterday that came to me as I was riding my bike as well. It was an idea that could make riding a bicycle even more pleasurable when the elements decided to have their way with us. The rain cam down and I decided to take cover under the steps of one of the many great theater venues in lower Manhattan right before the Lower East Side. I was there for at least an hour and I just read and people watched. I always have a book or a magazine with me. It was so interesting to watch how the rain affected some and completely did not bother others. It was light rain that became hard and then light again over the course of the hour. Some were so wet that it did not even phase them, while others could not bear even a drop, so they promptly joined me under the covered front of the building. While this was going on I noticed one major thing. Each person that ran for cover went right on their telephones. It has become the number one refuge when a free moment arises. Each person did the same exact same thing. I was listening to music on my phone and observing. Then my phone went dead 5 minutes later. It was so liberating and nice on so many levels.

   There a re a few projects that I am very inspired to finish and I will. Its just overwhelming how much inspiration is following me like a shadow. My mind is percolating and I have so much rocket fuel to get it going. I will post a few of the projects here as they materialize and some of you may even receive a surprise or two. I am very excited about letting my creations fly out into the universe, as they are just itching to spread their wings!!I will keep you all posted.

   So I have not written too much about vision statements on my blog. It is something that I take seriously, yet I have not fully kept up with it over the past few years. I changed that last week. I was urged by a really solid friend to rewrite one, and I did. It was so nice to feel the words materialize under my fingers. I wrote it as a present moment in the future. In other words, what I felt and what was around me on a certain day in the future. I loved the process. I felt warm inside and it felt so comfortable to say the very least. I believe in the possibility of every moment that we are here on earth. Things have materialized for me that have truly changed my entire paradigm. I have the power to manifest all that I create in my mind and I am sure of it. I have reminders all around me wherever I go. I have included my vision statement below. I have listed it because it scares me to expose it and I believe in it all at the same time. I see it clearly.

                          I am so grateful for my spectacular life.
        It is May 25, 2016,and I am sitting in the living room of my brownstone in Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York. My wife to be is away        on a business trip and will return tomorrow. We are planning our wedding and are looking forward to starting our family.

  This building is a three family brownstone with incredible detail that is as warm as it could possibly be. There is a young couple that rent the top floor and a clean and zen-like ground floor that is used for all of my musical creations with my large network of well seasoned musicians.There is even a private apartment in the basement that is rented intermittently to friends, family, and musicians in need. I also use it to meditate, practice yoga,and to read and write in private. Our bedroom is simple. It is located on the middle floor. It has a king size bed with gorgeous lamps on either side. The headboard and bed were crafted with my bare hands from fine maple wood and has 2 small dim lights built into it. Underneath there are pull out drawers with clothes for sleeping and house footwear. There is a small book case under the lights on either side as well. Above the bed is a sign that says, “Andare a dormire”. Go to sleep in Italian.

  The middle floor in this awesome place is furnished in a minimalistic fashion,with plants, some wonderful hand made furniture, lighting, and of course my most treasured pieces of art. I keep a few guitars around for when inspiration strikes, as well as an baby grand piano against the far wall.There is also a television mounted on the largest of the walls, even though I do not watch it all that much. The room is painted a deep Moroccan red and feels a bit Mediterranean, with lots of colors from all of the interesting items that are all around. The front windows allow tons of light in during the daytime, which makes the entire place glow like a warm sunrise in the Caribbean.

  The kitchen is stainless steel and has the capacity to fit at least 8 for a wonderful meal at any time of the day. There are pots hanging from the top of the island that sits in the middle of the room and the fire less stove tops are always ready to aid in preparing a great meal Our kitchen sits on the ground floor, so right behind it is a wonderful outdoor vegetable garden as well as a 4 person hot tub and a small shed to store our bicycles and sporting equipment.
I have a private garage that is connected to the house and in it is an all black classic Range Rover that is capable of transporting all of my musical gear as well as helping out my friends and family as needed. This car has been beyond reliable to me and I plan to have it for quite some time.

   My professional life is going very well. My company, DaCapo Crescendo Music and Events, is really taking off. We have done many upscale events all over the country and we were just written up in the top event planning magazine in NY city. I have 5 strong bands working all over the country and my own rehearsal studios in Williamsburg, Brooklyn called “ Steele Play Grounds”. We have a place for local musicians to rehearse as well as a very popular venue for musicians to play in 5 nights a week called “Cadence”. The place is one of the most sought after places for a band to showcase themselves in all of NY.

  I have 2 published books as well as 2 original disks that are being sold all over the country. They were both labors of love and they encompass so many personal parts of my life from the past 10 years or more. I am so proud to have them finally taking flight. I will be doing a 10 city tour performing my songs as well as the songs that inspired me throughout my career this fall. I am so excited about this. My blog,”There Is Magic In Every Day” is still being read all over the world!

   I am grateful, to say the very least. I am debt free, in love with a truly caring, kind, and gorgeous woman, and I love my life. I am looking for ways to help others daily and to inspire people to do more for others. I was just recently able to buy my parents their personal dream vacations and to start a foundation for young and hungry artists of any medium. This will create a set amount of money every year for at least 5 artists to follow their passions.
My health is great and I am feeling so powerful and happy. Its time to write some more new and exciting goals. 

   Grab hold of your dreams and intentions.You are able, you are worth it. Do it now…I am back writing like crazy. Be well.I appreciate you. It is so nice and humbling that you take the time to read my musings.             



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