Pharrell The Inspiration Cog / "Happy"


   I love to feel good music. Because I am in the music business, I am constantly listening and taking notice from the inside as to what actually moves me. I have to sing plenty of songs that do not particularly move me, however, I find a way to deliver them consistently and with my soul. Every now and then a song comes along and flips the whole world on its side, making every one take notice. The song that I am speaking of is obviously "Happy". I am not exactly where I was when I first heard it. I just knew that after I did hear it that I would be singing it at almost every event that I was hired to attend. How did I know this? I am not exactly sure, I just knew it in my gut.

  So the song was suddenly everywhere and I watched verity closely how it affected so many people each and every time that it was performed. I knew that i was singing lead, however, I was certainly not the catalyst in this movement. The song is very basic if you pick it apart. The lyrics make sense and they state the obvious that you can clap along if you feel that happiness is the truth. I study happiness almost daily, even when I am not particularly happy, I might add. The basic premise is, you can be happy without anything from the outside if you choose to be. The thing that I absolutely love about this song is that it has truly started a wave of happiness. People are singing the words and they are being changed in the moment like magic.

  Ten minutes or so ago I was watching the Pharrell interview with Oprah. This interview moved me beyond control. He said some things that made me want to get up and get going further int he direction of my dreams and plans. He said things that made me emotional, based on me feeling the same way. He spoke eloquently and from his heart and it was very clear that he is living his purpose. Then he revealed that we were the same star sign as well. I knew that we had a connection on a deeper level to have me feeling the way that I did. Pharrell was also yet another person that I look up to that mentioned reading the famous book , "The Alchemist." This book remains one of my favorite of all times. It makes it into my top 10 with ease. Please read that book. I cannot go into it here, but its more that worth it.

  I am feeling inspired to no end. He really knocked it out. The things he said are so easy tot understand in so many ways that I really hope thousands of people have seen it. I have truly realized in the past 2 years more than ever that getting my messages and songs and musings out into the universe are truly my focus right now. I have honed them and expressed the visions of others for a very long time now. Its time to really let loose. Thank you for reading. By the way, I could not leave without leaving you a link to watch this video. Watch it HERE. I have great faith that you will love it. Be well. Actively work on your passions. Stay away from the scene stealers. They have nothing better to do…



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