Cable Issue Wisdom / Quotes Of Steele Is Ready!!!!!

   I had a cable problem. This is not a huge problem, or should I say, it "was" not a huge problem. I glean little powerful lessons from the most mundane things and i want to share this one with all of you. So I have had cable for maybe 3 months or so. Prior to this, I just had local channels. This was and always had been my choice to have it this way. Since I've had cable, I have watched maybe 10 hours of television a month. This is almost like not watching it at all compared to my hard core and even casual watchers, I am certain. During these 3 months I have had a reoccurring problem with my service. It came on sometimes, but most times it showed the channel and network, but had no picture or sound. I called, they troubleshot it, but it would always come back again. So today I got the perfect person on the phone and he solved me problem.
   The reason that the above situation gave me pause is two-fold. Firstly, I had the answer to my problem the entire time. Secondly, my mind told me that I was doing everything right and that I had checked every possible avenue to rectify my issue. Does that sound familiar? All of you who tell yourself that your job or your relationship or a particular piece of clothing is not working for you, and you still keep going with it? I have not been exempt from that in the past, however, I am in a place now that feels like a man hole that has just been lifted up and light is shining thorough it as bright as can be. I had a wire connected to my television that I was certain would make it function properly. That wire was not needed at all. I had a 3 way splitter that I purchased just so that each part could flow freely and without blockage. This splitter actually was not necessary and it slowed down my cable and internet.So I replaced it with a two way splitter and all of a sudden everything worked 10 times as fast, I kid you not. I know longer have a cable problem. I sat with it, asked a person that was a bit more educated than me, and then I put it into action.

    So I made a direct correlation to my current life. I asked myself, what are the things that I am telling myself that I need to function, that are actually holding me back? Also, if there are things in my life that I am sure that I need to function properly, then what is it that is making this true. Meaning what are the hard cold facts that make it so. You see with all of my personal development and copious reading, I still leave room for improvement and higher learning. I schooled myself today. I will have a long inner conversation coupled with a strong meditation on this before the sun goes down. Never forget that we are all magnificent works in progress that excel from teachable moments.

    Well, it has finally happened. I have completed my first personal physical product entitled, Quotes Of Steele."I have created many things before that I have released out into the general public, however, this one marks the beginning of a brand that I will develop for quite sometime to come. Its a small jar with 45 quotes inside that are nicely bundled up inside colored paper and rubber bands, with my quotes written in my handwriting. I am proud of these in a way that I cannot properly express. It's as if I am allowing anyone and everyone into my mind on one level. However, this project is anything but selfish. I have grown, and continue to grow, through the quotes and timeless wisdom of at least 40 to 50 powerful speakers, motivators and philanthropists. So with this in mind, I decided to release my own words in the hopes that it will inspire others in the same way. If I inspire even just one person, then my job was done and I will revel in it! I have surpassed my original goal of inspiring one and now I wish to inspire many. This will be available for order here on my blog now, as well as in some physical stores all over the US and beyond in the very near future.

    So let today inspire you fully. If you do not feel inspired, then go get inspired! Find someone who really makes you happy or feel empowered and spend some time with them. Pick up a book about something that you have always wanted to do. Sign up for a class and learn a skill that you have always wanted to do. If that does not do it for you, then just sit in silence and let your soul speak to you. It always has the greatest feedback if we take time to listen to it. Be well…



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