An Apple A Day / Found And Lost / A New Year

  Happy New Year to all of you beautiful people. The new year is always so exciting for me in so may ways. I am going to write more than before so look out for your inbox. As always, I performed for NewYear's Eve in a wonderful place surrounded by those that I love professionally and personally. What a joy to have the luxury to be compensated for my talent and touch others with it at the same time.

  So, I have heard about ingesting an apple a day for years now. It has always fascinated me, mostly because I have never met anyone who has done it for long enough to reap the benefits of its powers. I have done no research on it as of yet, because I want to just report it after it happens. I don't want the info to sway my decision to do it or to have me expecting anything in particular.Yesterday I have an "Opal" apple. It was a big juicy yellow apple. I bit into it and the juice almost ran down my chin. It was really delicious to say the least. Today is the good old faithful "Granny Smith". I am sure that you have all had one of these. So I will do a 30 day study on this. Stay tuned for those results.

   I am not sure how much I have mentioned before how many times I find things herein NYC. I have found phones, wallets, hats, book bags and many other things. At this point, I am sure that I am meant to find these things. I take each and every instance as "a teachable moment". I have the ability to move in any direction that I choose when I find an item and its become a little game in a sense. I rearranged the title to "Found And Lost," because I see it as me finding something that was lost. The story starts with me because I did not know the person that lost their items until I choose to dig deeper. In this case it was a bag that I saw on a bench in front of the Staten Island Ferry. Long story short, the bag was stapled shut and standing upright. It was a dead giveaway to me. I looked in the bag, called the store, and asked for the owner to be found by getting their card info and alerting the company the card was issued from. I don't know their name, I just returned it back to the store and they assured me that it would be returned. They were local and would come back to the location to pick up their goods.

    Each time this happens, I wonder why it's such a foreign thing to do what I did. I really did want to see the expression on the faces of the people who had picked up this bag, however, it was not really important. I believe that when you do good, it reminds others that they can do well too. You don't need money, or resources, or even to speak a certain language to do the right thing. So I found something that was lost and the circle was completed. It felt so good. I wonder if they were at all surprised or even thought twice about it after they received it? I will probably never know.

    I ponder the new year with great depth each and every year. It's actually just another day when its all said and done. I mean think about this. If You went to another country and they told you it was New Year's Eve, wouldn't you believe them? I mean if you had no idea of their time frame or length of their calendar year of course? I say this to say that we can rebuild any day of the year and the date is really just a place marker that makes certain people work harder and then they fizzle out most of the time. I use this info on myself as well. Meaning, My goals are intact, however, I have to be real with myself. Yesterday is gone, just as last year is gone. However, what will I do that pales in comparison to last year or even yesterday? Do I really want change or more money or more healthy days? These questions can only be answered and executed by me. The New Year is a complete internal conversation with external temporary streamers and party favors. I love to see people get revved up about doing so many new and exciting things for the new year. It proves that they move when they say they do. What if we were all required by law to track our goals for the new year or we would be fined? How many people would follow through with the goals and how many would just pay the fines? Ponder that for a moment.

   I thank you all for your support of this blog. I will be introducing another site this year!!! I will keep you posted as it rears its head. I also have a new product that I will introduce within the next month. I am certain that you will love it. I am on the path and I am so open to your comments. Please reach out to me here in the comments below, or at Lastly, this blog will be transformed into an actual physical book this year as well. I have selected about 150 blogs from the past two years that will be featured in a wonderful little book that can be taken every where that you go or given as a gift to your loved ones. Stay tuned!!! Make this a magic day!! The world is yearning for your gifts.



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