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An Apple A Day / Found And Lost / A New Year

Happy New Year to all of you beautiful people. The new year is always so exciting for me in so may ways. I am going to write more than before so look out for your inbox. As always, I performed for NewYear's Eve in a wonderful place surrounded by those that I love professionally and personally. What a joy to have the luxury to be compensated for my talent and touch others with it at the same time.

  So, I have heard about ingesting an apple a day for years now. It has always fascinated me, mostly because I have never met anyone who has done it for long enough to reap the benefits of its powers. I have done no research on it as of yet, because I want to just report it after it happens. I don't want the info to sway my decision to do it or to have me expecting anything in particular.Yesterday I have an "Opal" apple. It was a big juicy yellow apple. I bit into it and the juice almost ran down my chin. It was really delicious to say the least. Today is the good old fai…