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That Which Manifests Slowly

I am back to my writings and you can be sure that I am living fully and taking stock of what is happening around me in more ways than one. So many things are popping up out of nowhere and I know that not one of them is by mistake. The lessons, the mishaps, the surprises, they are all perfectly timed for this moment, or that moment that they reveal themselves. Everything happens when and how its supposed to without a doubt.

  So many years ago, (I can't believe that it has actually been many years), I wanted to meet a certain person. He was on television on one of the first reality shows that became very popular. I wanted to meet him because he seemed so interesting to me, even though he was clearly the problem cast member without a doubt. To this day, I am unsure if it was scripted that way or if he was just angry and spewing out onto anyone that would listen. All I knew was that this young man was intelligent and very much on his way to doing many things to change the world. I…