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Motion Activated

So we are living in this time now where so many things around us just work based on the motion around us. Not to be in any way crass, but let's start with the bathroom. I can only speak about the room that I enter when I am in a public place, so ladies excuse me if I am not telling the correct story on your end. I was in a bathroom in Boston recently and noticed once again that the urinals and the sinks and the toilets were all motion activated. This was not a surprise to me because it is happening more and more all over. My question is, do we really need this help? Is it hard to turn on a faucet or to flush a toilet or to push down a lever on a urinal?

  Then as I sat there and pondered for a moment, I realized that this is a great lesson for us as humans. If we do not sit on the toilet or put our hands in front of the sink or put down the urinal, nothing happens. Before these luxuries were given to us, there was more flooding and so forth because people would leave faucets o…