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What Do I Mean To You ? / Do You Have Enough?

These two posts were born from two separate observations that took place over the past two days. I really gain so much from just watching others that is just baffles me. Other times I just feel more of my values and my direction from listening and watching, so either way, it feeds me. In this city there is so much to observe, that you need only to look in any direction and take it in. The street or time of day do not matter in the least.

   I was walking from an apartment that is owned by a friend of mine. The walk from there to the train was about 5 minutes or so. For some reason, I decided that I would walk a bit slower than usual and take in the block that I was on a little bit deeper than usual. As I reached the corner of that block, I spotted a couple across the street. They were speaking to what seemed like a mutual friend of theirs and his dog. The dog was licking on them and he seemed to not want them to walk away. Anyhow, the guy eventually walked away and the couple were st…