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Breaking Down The Breakdown

I love to help others in any way that I can whenever I can. The challenge however, is that when you step into the fire of another, you have to shoulder some of their struggle to move forward as well. A few of my closest friends are going through some issues right now and I feel for them and I am doing all that I can to lift them up while they seem to be mentally sinking. Its anything from money to relationships to just plain not being happy with where they are in life at this current moment. To be a good friend or buddy or co pilot is not always easy.

   Whenever we find ourselves up against a a seemingly insurmountable circumstance, there is always a way to diffuse it. The issue becomes how,when, and most times, who can help me to rise above this mess? So we reach out to those that may be able to shed even a glimpse of hope onto our dark situation.   I believe that we learn most about ourselves and others most when things are not going well. When things are going well, the mind i…