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Love Among The Redwoods / Deborah And Noor (Part 1)

Let me begin by saying that the impetus for this posting was one of the most emotional ceremonies that I have ever attended in my entire life. This is a huge statement to say the very least. I have performed at over 300 weddings or so in the past 10 years easily. This is probably a low number because I do not have the actual count. I will give you a bit of the back story first.

   I was flown to the other side of the continent with 11 other people to do what I love the most on this earth, entertain people. I arrived in Napa Valley, California on a Friday evening, and performed high atop the breathtaking Napa Valley vineyards the following evening. The residence was at least 2 miles above the street level. This was no ordinary residence. It was something right out of Architectural Digest and it made my mind stand at attention. There were about 150 or so guests and they were so happy and elegant and festive. I took several pictures and I could not stop staring at the gorgeous view t…