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An Unexpected Request

I love what I do for a living. I like to tell myself that what I do for a living also keeps me very much alive!!!I mean to say feeling alive and able to spread it across the masses at the same time. You often read that I am in some awesome location when I write my blog and it is always true. This weekend I revisited a place that I have been many times before. This time was also wonderful and I met some nice new people as well. It really is incredible how refreshing it is to meet new energies all of the time like I do. I am truly grateful.

  So I am fascinated how people assume that I am in the band each and every time that they see me.  This could be because of my hair, my race, my energy, or any number of possibilities. People tend to walk up to me and ask me random questions and sometimes they think that I am a waiter or bartender as well. Anyhow, this time I was asked a question by another man in the men's room as we were both near the sink about to wash our hands. I saw him…