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A Writer, An Actor, And A Homeless Man

Now its no secret at this point that I love NYC. No matter where I go on what day, I am mesmerized by some aspect of my day. Some would say that I am this way because that's just who I am. To them I say, I expect to me mesmerized and that is why it keeps on happening day after day after day. It is just so incredibly refreshing to always have this gift swimming happily inside of me. I call it a gift because technically I never really have to pay for entertainment. I choose to pay for it at times, however, I have a lifetime pass for fascination. That could possibly be the title of my upcoming book!!!! Oh my goodness!!!!

  A couple of days ago I had a lunch meeting/hang with one of my favorite musicians on this earth. I respect him for his tenacity and comedy. He is not a rock star or on the cover of any magazines or anything like that, yet. Him and I are writing songs and I am over the moon about it in more ways than one. We have been doing gigs together for at least 10 years now…