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Caring For Others And Bringing Them Together

I had a topic to write about today and then I saw this:

  Anyone know Donald Green? He's the crazy homeless dude who hangs in the village with his signs up about being a "NY Times published poet" Needless to say, his mind is broken. I'm not sure if he's a little schizophrenic or what, but he's definitely not all there. On the way to Liquiteria a couple days ago Michelle and Kristin and I saw him kick over a newspaper stand. I guess he was having a bad day. On the way home from the park tonight. I saw him out in front of the Wallgreens in Astor place. I decided to get a poem from him. I told him I needed something to cheer me up, because I'd had a long day. For 10 dollars this is what he wrote, "You are my friend... I see your eyes and when there's a rift between us we can forgive... With you my friend there's walking, talking, laughing and silence... You are there riding in the tallest wave, You are the…