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Giving Is Living / Narayanan Krishnan

I saw this video about 10 minutes ago and it just made me want to do so much more. Please watch it and let the feeling flow through you. This is such a huge thing for a person to do and I am so humbled by him. I want to meet this man in the very near future to lock arms with him and do something really big. Thank you Narayanan. You have completely moved me.

   There are no limits to the human spirit. This is pure magic......Chase

Lost Camera

Its been a little bit since I have written. When there is a lull in my writing, know that there is so much going on around me that I am almost overwhelmed and sometimes even afraid to write based on the personal level of my thoughts and perspectives. Anyhow, its all good.

  A few days ago I was riding the train. I love the train. The people, the clothing, the performers that pop up at any given moment, the aroma (sometimes), the experience of being underground only to wind up several miles away above ground. There is nothing like the NYC subway in the entire world that I have seen thus far. Its worth every red cent of its cost each and every day.

   So I was sitting there listening to some music that I had been studying for my gigs and a couple entered the train. The woman was in her twenties maybe with gorgeous long hair and wearing jeans and a simple tee with colors on it. The guy was wearing shorts with a tee as well and his body was adorned with tattoos and chains. They looked …