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Fascination With Adaptation

So here we are in our respective skins. Each one of us has come from different backgrounds, teachings, lineage, geographic locations, and so on. We are moving through a series of unknowns each and everyday and we have no choice but to adapt. Some conversations that we have are so difficult, while others are smooth like sherbet. The point that I am getting to, is that when we are not in our comfort zones, we have to adapt. I am certain that there are those who would tell me that they do not adapt at all, but it would be a false statement. We all adapt and we all do it differently.

   This past 3 days I sang in 3 completely different locations. Each one of them had a different aesthetic,  a different audience, and a different set of songs to sing based on the crowd. I enjoyed each atmosphere, however, I was very aware of what I needed to do in each setting. One setting was an outdoor bar. It was on the tip of a beautiful dock near the water. There were people within 3 feet of me stand…