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A Persistence Slip

This is a life that requires tenacity and so much persistence. I consider myself to be a very persistent person that has endured tons of rejection on many levels. In this business of show, the game is built to keep people out just to see how hard they push to get in. I have seen things that really have floored me as it relates to watching people do whatever it takes as well as doing as little as it takes to get into the elite club of truly being a working musician or actor. Most people want it for the wrong reasons and they very quickly realize it and run for the hills. The others are so sure that this is their path they will just about sell their first born to sprint forward in the direction of their choice. I don't recommend this on any day in any way. You do not ever need to step on someone or be less than authentic to get ahead. This is my viewpoint and it must be taken with your own personal discretion. But I digress.

   So today I called a place that I really love to fol…

No Pay

I live in one of the most competitive and cut throat cities in the world as it relates to the entertainment business. On any given day, thousands of hopefuls arrive to this incredibly stimulating island in order to bite into their piece of the pie. I have heard a lifetime of stories of failure as well as success and each one of them is quite interesting to say the very least. I truly love the depths that people will go to for a chance at being on the Broadway stage or even a facsimile of it for even a short period of time. There is a certain give and take that happens when you achieve it that cannot be explained, it can only be felt.

  I look through the auditions quite frequently and I consistently see two words paired up that stop me in my tracks each and every time, "no pay."On the surface it seems a bit harsh and unjust, but then as I give it more thought, I realize that it is a form of paying your dues. I have paid my dues in a large fashion, however, the journey to…