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The Joy Of Studying Your Craft

Last Friday I volunteered for  battle of the bands here in NYC. It was held at a very well known place that broadcasts one of the most popular radio shows in the whole country. I had been in the building many times before to volunteer for some other events. The deal is that you help seat people and keep the area organized and you can see any of the shows for free. This is truly a win/win situation. I arrived early, as I always do, and there were refreshments and musicians all around and the vibe was really great. I knew that the evening would be very entertaining.

  As I roamed around and looked for the coordinator for the evening, I ran into a woman that I recognized. I did not recognize her by face, I knew her voice somehow. We spoke and she told me her name. It was then that I realized she was a woman that I had heard many times on a radio show that I really enjoyed. I complimented her and found out that she was one of the judges for this evening. I made some other friends that …