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Racing To Be Human

I woke up with this sentiment in the front of my mind today. We are all in such a bubble of humanistic agendas each and every day. I am learning that all resistance is useless. There are so many ways that we resist being human and I am seeing them clearer these days. I spoke with a good friend and fellow musician yesterday for about 20 minutes or so. He has been dealing with anxiety issues and that has been making him very tired and dehydrated and a few other things. I was called to fill in for him last night and the group that he would normally sing with expressed their concerns for him and what he was going through. They really were confused about what he is going through.

   As we spoke, I heard sort of a let down in his voice because he could not show up for the gig last night. I told him that it was just fine and that I would be there to fill his spot with energy and pride. He explained how he was coming out of the train the other day and just felt dizzy and out of sorts, so …