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Honoring The Time Of Others

Well there are lessons every day and that remains true no matter what I do. I had a n exchange today with a person that gave it to me raw and in living color, via Facebook. Now before I go into this, let me say this, everyone deserves respect when it comes to the time that they choose to spend with you and it should work in each direction. Where am I going with this? Well, there are those who we have time for, those who we create time for, and those who we avoid having time for in one way or another. I am sure that I can squeeze in another one or two categories as well, but lets just stay with those. I am so sensitive when it comes to this topic because I genuinely do honor the time of others, its really important to me. So what happens when a person feels that you do not honor their time or even worse, feels that you do not have the capacity to do so? In my humble opinion, you stop, breathe, review, and take the feedback so that you may navigate through much better the next time w…

The Dance Of Time

There is a popular conversation about time going around as frequent as there is air to breath. People keep saying that there is not enough time to do all that they have to do. Basically they are exactly right if that is the way that they see it. I have to admit it, I have said it too. However, like everything in life, at some point you realize that you are not being truthful with yourself. I say that to say that we make time for the things that feed us, or celebrate us, or give us the excuse to not be responsible, or even shield us from hurt and/or disappointment. I like to call it "the dance of the non scraped and fancy free." The harsh reality though, is that we are all going to mess up and get scraped or even get knocked down quite a few times in this life no matter who we are. That will never, ever, be any different.

    I am completely fixated on the conversation of time for one main reason, every one sees it differently. So the best that you can do on any given day…