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The Surprise Free Ride

I travel all over the states on the east coast performing and I literally have countless stories that I love to tell about what happens before, during, and after these exciting trips. I am always traveling to yet another country club, or private residence, or private gala at a secret location. The opulence that I have seen in the past few years has been nothing short of breath taking. I go and I render my vocal skills to these events and in turn they pay me and they feed me. I made it sound so simple just then, however, I get to study humans while they are at their most emotional points. After they have just gotten married, while they are dancing, and of course while they are interacting with many others.

   Last weekend I took a wonderful train ride about 1 hour outside of NYC to New Jersey. The event that I performed at was a wedding and it was beautiful. I arrived in the town next to where the actual wedding was. I could only get that close with public transportation. As I arrive…