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Small Glimpses Of Magic Observed

I wanted to expose some snippets of magic that I have observed over the past week, I have been very internal with my thoughts recently and I am coming out of that space as of right now. When I originally started this blog, I wanted to write each and every day. Trust me, I could write pages a day, however, I choose to stretch it out and create a little mystery here and there. If anyone reading this would prefer for me to write more frequently, just say the word.

   About two days ago, I stopped to get a water at a hot dog stand because I wanted water and it was right at the entrance to Central Park, As I walked up, another woman walked up as well. She had a bout 10 visible tattoos and I was instantly fascinated by them,. I said hello and she gave me a hello and a smile as well. I complimented her on her incredible tattoos and we had some basic conversation as she waited for her food. I noticed that she was in a hurry and her friend was waiting for her about 30 feet away. After getti…