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Please Talk To Me And Starve The Texting

I am sure that it goes without saying that we all love when we are speaking to someone that we like or love and the conversation goes on for an hour or so and the time is not even an issue. How about when you are on the phone with someone and they have to go, but you have so much more to say and you just love having them on the other end of the line. So you just hope to remember what you were going to say for the next time and you politely hang up with them. We all like to be peacefully engaged with another person on the other line. It's a vacation from life and all of its circumstances. Its a chance for you to be heard one on one and to let your thoughts flow. Its one of life's greatest personal exchanges if it is done with respect.

   So now I will get to the marrow of the bone with this topic. Technology has grabbed us by the throat and many of us have the unfortunate misconception that when we text, we are fully engaging, but we are not. We all have so many things going…