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The Universe Speaks Again.....

I will start out this posting by saying that I hear the universe speaking to me each and every day without fail. If you choose to call it God, or Allah, or Jehovah, or spirit, these are all so real and I accept that. Its just that sometimes it is so clear that it is daunting. Yesterday I had a powerful day inside of my mind and I felt that it needed to be written about before it got away. The picture above explains it all. You might be saying, "Huh, How does that picture explain everything?" Let me explain.

  First of all, one of my favorite magazines to read is Monocle magazine. Its a magazine about global affairs, business, culture and design. The pictures are nicely done, the pages are thick and kind of industrial feeling, and the information is always just so interesting. I had a subscription a couple of years ago and I just loved it. I have been purchasing them one by one recently and they are a bit pricey. The issue above is The April issue. I did not buy it, I found…

Introducing....Locking My Knee, Changing My Mind. My first e-book!!!!!!!!!

You can purchase this ebook in the Ebooks section of this site and I am so excited for you to read it. I look forward to all of your comments and all of your questions. Have a powerful and enlightening day!! There are many things to come in the way of books, videos, and even giveaways!!!!


How Are You? / The Negative Side Of Positivity

This is a statement that has been watered down to know end. have you ever noticed that when you say this to someone, they say the same thing back to you? So the question is, what is the answer? I was at a food coop in my neighborhood and as I was checking out I asked the woman how she was doing. At first she said nothing. Then after another second she replied, "Oh, were you talking to me?" I replied,"Yes, I was." Her reply was, "I thought you were talking to someone else." I was a bit surprised and then she topped it off by saying, "I just assume that people don't really care when they say that." My entire brain opened up like a fillet fish on the side of frying pan. This statement made my mind propel and vibrate. Then I began to delve deeper into this concept.

    I asked myself if I really did care how she was doing? My answer to myself was,"Yes, I did care." Then I thought to myself, so how does one human truly convey authe…