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Two Dollars And A Scarf

It is such a great feeling to watch the depth of the human heart displayed in another human being. You cannot deny it when you see it. You feel it and it shoots through your entire being. Do you feel me or am I just speaking for myself? I am speaking of times when you see someone give up their seat, or when you watch someone help an elderly woman cross the street, or maybe even watching someone give money to the homeless. We have all seen one of these situations and it does affect us in one way or another. I live for these moments because it serves as a meter for me as to how much or how little I may be doing for others at any given time. Giving or providing for another is truly a grand gesture that never goes out of style.

   I am so blessed with many high vibrational friends and acquaintances in my life. So whenever I am in the proud position to speak of them, I do just that. This is a little posting about a woman that continues to impress me almost every time that I spend time wi…

Locking My Knee, Changing My Mind / Ebook Release

I am very excited for the release of my first e-book that will launch into the universe for all to read on April 10th!! This has been a personal goal of mine for quite some time. It makes me happy to share some of my BIkram yoga journey, as well as some insights, humor, and simple observations to top it off. Beware, this could inspire you to start practicing yoga!!By the way, the photo on the cover was drawn by my dear friend Faith Lucas who is wildly talented on so many levels. If you should need her services, please do not hesitate to ask me for her information. She is well worth her weight in gold.
This is the first of many to come in the form of e-books as well as physical books too!! My mind is active and that is not a mystery at this point, surely. My goal is to inspire, lubricate, and jump start the minds of all who are connected to this blog in their own special way. If you are here, then I am moving in the right direction already!!!
The above ebook will be for sale at just $…